AZSCI 2019 Auction Highlight: Desert Bighorn Sheep

Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt in Sonora, Mexico

One of the toughest tags to come by in the world; the Desert Bighorn Sheep.  The dream hunt for hunters around the world can be yours at the AZSCI Banquet on June 29th, 2019.  We have been working with Jorge Franco, a veteran of many desert bighorn hunts in Mexico, to fully vet this experience for you.

This is a complete hunt that includes the following:

-10 consecutive days of hunting for Desert Bighorn sheep (near the town of Pitiquito in Sonora)

-Season runs from December 2019-March 2020.

-Gun permit, hunting license/tag

-CITES permit for importing the horns and hide back into the United States

-Lodging and all meals at the ranch

-Transfer from the Tucson Airport to the ranch in Mexico and return to Tucson

-Guides and assistants

-Use of 4x4 truck on the ranch

Not included:


-Lodging and meals before or after the hunt

-Costs associated with handling the trophy (Care and cleaning of the trophy by a local taxidermist, presentation of the horns with the government of Sonora to install pin in horns, fumigation, storage until trophy is exported)

-Export of the trophy

-Packing and shipping of the trophy to the hunter or assigned taxidermist

Online bidding is available by clicking here.

For questions on this hunt or a list of references, please contact AZSCI Executive Director Bobby Boido at either 520-490-8367 or 

                         Pictures provided by the outfitter of this hunt.

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