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Congrats to 6.5 Day Winner Rene C from Tucson!  Thanks to all the ticket buyers for your support.  Look for another "One Day Only" coming soon! 

Thank You! 


Our modified fundraising event was a great success thanks to your support!

Look for other smaller events and one day raffles coming soon!


Thanks to everyone for your support of 6.5 Day! 


Congrats to Pat from Tucson! One of his five entries turned out to be the lucky winner of the AZSCI 6.5 Day Drawing!

The other big winner of this event are the young hunters and their families who will join us at our Junior Deer Camp in November. Your support makes that camp possible!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this event. We had so much fun that you can pretty much count on seeing this again next June 5!

And congratulations to Joe K of Tucson.  He was the winner of the Swarovski BTX drawing!

Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Thrive with Help of Conservationists – and Hunters

Click the link above to read an article from the Cronkite News Service on how hunters are helping Desert Bighorn populations in Arizona.  The Arizona Chapter of SCI has proudly participated in the Catalina Bighorn Sheep Reintroduction and many water catchment projects across Southern Arizona.

Humane Society of the United States Ballot Initiative - DEFEATED

Statement from our partners at AZSFWC:


A coalition of AZSFWC member groups came together over a year ago in anticipation of something coming down the pipe from HSUS. The plan they put in place then, along with a strong grass roots effort by a number of individuals and other groups, defeated HSUS in their attempt to hijack scientific wildlife management in our state. This is no small feat because in 25 years and 81 initiatives across the country, HSUS has never quit - until now. When sportsmen and women come together, good things happen. But this victory is just the beginning, and there is much more to do.

We, along with our partners throughout the state, are closely monitoring the latest attempt to reject a century of sound scientific wildlife management from our Arizona Game & Fish Department biologists, and turn over the management of wild cats to the ballot box, with an emotion based, non-factual initiative.​

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